GBDS Anti-Virus Instrument

Our full anti-virus instrument distinguishes viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. Take advantage of the same instrument that we use in an accolade appealing products including C/C++ API, Daemon/service API with support for ICAP and other proprieties, and comprehensive platform maintenance.


GBDS Anti-Spam Instrument

The GBDS Anti-Spam Instrument identifies and blocks the most recent phishing scams, snowshoe spam, identity theft, password scams and more by observing for distrustful content or communication characteristics.


GBDS Document Forfeiture Avoidance (DFA) Instrument

The GBDS DFA Instrument scans for delicate data and threats to distinguish and safeguard against data outflow. GBDS DFA can search for common data structures provided by GBDS as well as your own custom formats. GBDS DFA may be used in conjunction with the GBDS Anti-Virus Instrument to improve performance by performing anti-virus and DFA scanning in a single pass.

Red and white security emblem isolated on white background, three-dimensional rendering

GBDS Risk Acumen

GBDS Data Feeds deliver up-to-the-minute attentiveness of mischievous action, providing an easy to implement added layer to your safekeeping resolution. These data feeds offer perceptibility to infested domains and webpages, spammers and botnets, command and control sites through IPs, Domains and URLs as well as admission to identified malware file checksums and more.

GBDS United Hazard Supervision (UHS)

The GBDS UHS is a consolidated network security platform that protects your network from Advanced Attacks, Web Threats, Spam and Malware. GBDS UHS is available in hardware, virtual and software based usages.