What We Do

We are part of a Partnership Network, with several of the world’s award winning software rated by the highest platform examiners! Not only will you find the best Anti-virus software, but you will also have access to most of the #1 ranked technological security software’s on the market! GBDS is poised to stay ahead of the rivalry, both today and in the future, there has never been a healthier time to equip your selves and this most challenging cyber space environment. GBDS delivers insistent endpoint safety and data risk management answers for computers, tablets, and smartphones.

How We Do It

GBDS provides you with distinguishability and complete control over all of your normal day to day devices that you use, regardless of who the operator is or their locality. With one of the software companies that we partner with, if a software purchaser is detached from an endpoint, it will spontaneously reinstall so they can secure every device and the delicate data it encompasses. No other technology can do this.

We are seeing a major shift in the way cyber-criminals do business. One area that will most likely suffer a major transformation is the PUA (potentially unwanted application or aggressive adware) space, which already sees amplified action on platforms like Mac OS X and Android.